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From the students

Recently Danny and I have been giving our Junior 2’s in-class assignments that they turn in at the end of class. This assignment was from as lesson about frequency words, at the end of class the kids had to write sentences using words like always, sometimes, and never. Danny got back these two gems from his students, the first from a student who’s English name is “Oh My God”.

And then the favorite among the teachers:

UPDATE: Allee has her students doing a pen pal exchange with a class in America. Her students are a few year older and some of them can write complete letters. Read some of their letters at her blog: http://mylittlechinablog.wordpress.com/.

Sports Day, a mostly picture post

After Golden Week, my school had a Sports Day. They canceled the Thursday and Friday classes, and there was a school-wide track and field competition. In each grade,  the students are divided into different homerooms and each homeroom has their own Head Teacher. Students from each homeroom competed against each other for class bragging rights. Below are pictures I took from Sports Day:

The morning of Sports Day, students marching.

Each of the classes lined-up.

Two of my students!

The start of a sprinting event.

More student. The signs indicated their homeroom number.