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From the students

Recently Danny and I have been giving our Junior 2’s in-class assignments that they turn in at the end of class. This assignment was from as lesson about frequency words, at the end of class the kids had to write sentences using words like always, sometimes, and never. Danny got back these two gems from his students, the first from a student who’s English name is “Oh My God”.

And then the favorite among the teachers:

UPDATE: Allee has her students doing a pen pal exchange with a class in America. Her students are a few year older and some of them can write complete letters. Read some of their letters at her blog: http://mylittlechinablog.wordpress.com/.

ARTS Festival

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with setting myself up for next year and the blog has taken a backseat to those efforts. The good news is that I’ve been traveling a lot since my last update so I’ve got a lot of pictures to share.

Danny and I with the English Corner during the Arts Festival

The above picture is from the Arts Festival  in late October. Danny and I lead our schools English Corner: once a week we meet with a group of students and speak English. About a month before the Arts Festival, the president of English Corner asked if we-English Corner-could perform in the Festival. We had the kids vote on if they wanted to perform, they did, and we collectively decided to sing the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”.

At first, Danny and I were firm. We refused to perform in the Festival because the Festival is for students and we would be a huge distraction from the students who had worked hard. Through sheer persistence, the students talked us into performing in a limited capacity. Or more accurately, they talked me into it, and I talked to Danny.

Preparing was waaay more work than we had anticipated. We had to schedule a bunch of extra English Corner sessions just to get the song down, then the kids insisted on incorporating a choreographed dance. Then there were actual auditions in which we had to compete against other clubs just to perform on Arts Festival.

...and Ken and I made this sweet submarine, which currently resides in my living room.

Arts Festival is a week long, with acts everyday in the afternoon, the best acts during the week are chosen to perform on Friday. So after getting down the singing and the dance routine, we finally perform on Monday. Its ok. Danny and I feel like idiots, but the song is quick (part of the reason we picked it) and soon enough it is over. Better yet, only about 1/6 of the school saw of perform.

Well not quite. We are chosen to perform during the closing ceremonies on Friday and they want us to perform last. And the school officials want changes. They offer suggestions, which were later explained as so much suggestions, but commandments.  They want Danny and I center stage, playing a bigger role in the song with the students relegated to the back of the stage. They also want Allee, the third foreign teacher at our schools who up tlll then had no association with our rendition of Yellow Submarine, to  sing with us.

Ofcourse we do it and sing in front of the entire school to conclude the 2009 Arts Festival. It was pretty horrible. We ended up getting 1st place, even though we weren’t the best performance by a long shot.

They tell me this says 1st place.

Weeks later I found that everyone gets first place.

Sports Day, a mostly picture post

After Golden Week, my school had a Sports Day. They canceled the Thursday and Friday classes, and there was a school-wide track and field competition. In each grade,  the students are divided into different homerooms and each homeroom has their own Head Teacher. Students from each homeroom competed against each other for class bragging rights. Below are pictures I took from Sports Day:

The morning of Sports Day, students marching.

Each of the classes lined-up.

Two of my students!

The start of a sprinting event.

More student. The signs indicated their homeroom number.