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Yunnan, Part II

From Kunming jumped on a sleeper bus to Lijiang (12 hours). A sleeper bus has two levels of beds instead of seats. The beds are great for laying down, but a little uncomfortable if you want to ever sit up. Overall the beds are much, much better than a cramped seat that leans back 3 inches.

Picture of my feet, from inside the sleeper bus.

Picture of my shoes, feet, from inside the sleeper bus.

We arrived at Lijiang in the evening, it was already dark. Lijiang has an Old Town that’s registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. We were able to walk around a little bit and it was pretty neat. Cobblestone roads, no cars, “traditional” looking architecture, small bridges crossing small canals, overall a pretty nice town. The biggest downside of Lijiang is that many sections of the city are very new and are built to look like the Old Town. Pretty much every building is a storefront selling little nick-knacks for tourists. Combined with the newness of the buildings, it has kind of a Disneyland quality to it.

Lijian Old Town in the distance

Lijian Old Town and pagoda in the distance.

Sam at bar in Lijiang

Sam at bar in Lijiang