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Shanghai, January 2010. Mostly pictures.

During the new year my sister and mom made the trip to China. Here are some pictures.

From left to right: Dustin, Jackie Chan, Jan, Skye

Mom and sister outside The Shanghai Museum. A mere moments before we were conned into buying overpriced tea.

Chinese Garden in Shanghai's Old Town


This is Ren. He was everywhere. He is the mascot for Shanghai's 2010 World Expo, which is a big deal in Shanghai, Beijing got the Olympics, Shanghai got the Expo. They were rennovating lots of buildings, so there was lots of construction when we were visiting. Ren means "the people" in chinese and the mascot looks similar to the Chinese character for Ren, 人.

A Cultural Revolution era propoganda poster. Well armed Chines babies fight wicked American soliders back to the ocean.