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Some photos of Changsha, 拆

Dana, my Chinese tutor, is an avid photographer. She’s a small spark plug of a women who builds some of her own cameras and knows all the most interesting places in Changsha. I followed her around for an evening after one of our tutoring sessions, here are some of the better pictures from that night.

Dana pointed out this character spray painted on an old fence. She told me that the character (拆, chāi) marks buildings the government has decided will be torn down. Often these building are old apartment buildings with families that don’t necessarily want to move out. In their place newer skyscrapers will be built. Dana said that the families had gotten a fair price for their property and that they were lucky because that wasn’t always the case in Chinese cities.

The 拆 character again. It translates as take apart or pull down. In this neighborhood there were many buildings marked with 拆.

Unused traintracks near Dana's house.

It's good to take pictures with Dana because she knows how to use my camera. She showed me a little bit about adjusting my camera's aperture and shutter speed. The result? The photo is much prettier than the bridge actually was that night.

There I am.