Brief Introduction

The authorAbout me: After graduating from a small, fantastic liberal arts college, I knew that I wanted to eventually go to law school, but wasn’t ready to fully commit myself to three more years of school and the subsequent career that three years of debt would demand. I spent a year working odd jobs: commodity inspector, archivist, research assistant, political campaigns, and then an internship  in a state level political office. While these positions where all interesting in their own right, I had a strong urge for adventure. I wanted something radically different from what I knew.

So I accepted a position teaching oral english in Changsha, China. This blog will chronicle my experiences and fleeting impressions. I want to emphasize that I step into this position with very little knowledge about China’s history, culture, and daily life. I apologize if my observations seem heavy handed. All I can do is ask for patience with the understanding that my opinions are continually evolving.

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