Thailand, Part II, Koh Pan’an

After a few nights in Bangkok we headed south to the island Koh Pan’an.

A brief aside: Changsha in the winter is cold and wet. Its a tricky kind of cold, there is still a lot of humidity in the air so even though the temperature is usually above freezing the coldness seems to penetrate and get in between ones bones. So leaving Changsha for Thailand was nice, really really nice. When we were finishing the semester in Changhsa, nothing seemed better than spending a good chunk of time bumming around the beaches of Thailand.

Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of our time on the Koh Pan’an, carrying around a camera everywhere like an anchor and keeping track of it on the beach just didn’t interest me at the time. I did get a few quality shots though.

Phil and Kelly

Phil, Victoria, Kelly

We spent 10 days on Koh Pan’an, the time mostly spent snorkeling, reading on the beach, hiking, eating, and a little bit of scuba diving. And we rented mopeds for the week, which was really fun.

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