Macau, February 2010

The beginning of February concluded my first semester teaching English in China and marked the beginning of a six week holiday before the second semester started.

Danny and I left Changsha as soon as possible, heading south to Guangzhou. Guangzhou is one of the biggest industrial in China. We were completely lost when we got to Guangzhou. We didn’t have a place to stay or even a map. To matters worse, people in Guangzhou don’t speak the same language as the people in Changsha, so we weren’t able to get basic questions answered. After walking around the train station for four hours (not an interesting part of Guangzhou, by the way), we jumped on a bus to Macau, the Los Vegas of China:

Macau is the only city in China where it is legal to gamble. But Danny and I didn’t have the money (or the interest) in gambling, so we spent most our time going to the historical areas. Macau was under Portuguese control until 1999, so there is a strong European influence.

Is this China?

Our hostel in Macau, nice digs.

I really liked Macau. The weather was mild and the food was an interesting blend of Chinese and Portuguese. It was a good way to spend three days. But Macau is a bit of a small town and we were ready for a big city, next up: Hong Kong.

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